The Midds are a Canadian Sunshine Coast Original Rock Band.

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Members of the Band: 

Ray McNally - Vocals, Guitar

Jeff Lucas : Lead Guitar

John Geoffrion: Bass

Jim McEwan - Drums

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We are heading into the studio.
Nothing Can Stop Us Is one of our songs we live by
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The Midds  

Ray McNally

Singer Songwriter, Guitar

Ray McNally is Canadian songwriter, composer, musician, performing artist, internet web designer, programmer, graphic designer, and a music software developer.  Presently recording at Strait Sound  with his rock band The Midds and has been performing various shows on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada both solo and with The Midds..

John Geoffrion

Bass, Vocals

John is a groovy down to earth bass player, we sometimes call him “Bull” because he tends to plough things over in the studio yet keeps The Midds in line with his witty sense of humour.  On occasion we even have to take away his microphone because  his jokes could nearly turn our band into a comedy act of 4 stooges. 

Jeff Lucas

Lead Guitar

Jeff Lucas  is a cabinet maker by day and lead guitarist by night.  Jeff helped form the band and has in many ways established himself as an incredible lead guitarist.  His hands move so fast you wonder if his Les Paul will catch fire.     

Jim McEwan


Jim is our newest member of the Midds. Enthusiastic, good attitude, and has lots of positive energy.
John Geoffrion Grant Olsen Jeff Lucas Ray McNally
The Midds - Ray McNally - Jeff Lucas - Jim McEwan - John Geoffrion
Which Side Do You Think I’m On   /  Sure Looks That Way

Our Vibe

The Midds formed in 2007  performing various venues along the way from Canada Day celebrations, Music In The Landing, Sechelt Summer Series, Legions, Coast Cable TV Productions, Weddings and festivals.  Our ideology or meaning of the name “The Midds” is that some people have a mid life crisis and buy themselves a sports car where as our band members have taken to having a mid life opportunity to form a rock band instead. 
Jim McEwan
You Know Yourself
Call It A Spade
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